Anti-BAD antibody (AA24587)


Alternative names Bcl2-associated agonist of cell death, BAD, Bcl-2-binding component 6, Bcl-2-like protein 8, Bcl2-L-8, Bcl-xL/Bcl-2-associated death promoter, Bcl2 antagonist of cell death, BBC6, BCL2L8, BAD_HUMAN, Q92934, 572
Source 168
Species Reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat
Applications IF/ICC, IHC, WB
Host Rabbit
Class Polyclonal
Conjugated Unconjugated


Product name Anti-BAD antibody (AA24587)
Catalog number AA24587
Brand family Ango
Product type Primary Antibody
Antibody Alternative Names Bcl2-associated agonist of cell death antibody, BAD antibody, Bcl-2-binding component 6 antibody, Bcl-2-like protein 8 antibody, Bcl2-L-8 antibody, Bcl-xL/Bcl-2-associated death promoter antibody, Bcl2 antagonist of cell death antibody, BBC6 antibody, BCL2L8 antibody, BAD_HUMAN antibody

Biological Information

Immunogen Synthetic peptide of human BAD
Concentration 1 mg/ml
Isotype IgG
Application Notes WB 1:500 - 1:2000 IHC 1:50 - 1:200 IF 1:10 - 1:100
Purification method Purified by affinity chromatography


Target Name BAD
SwissProt ID Link Q92934
Function Promotes cell death. Successfully competes for the binding to Bcl-X(L), Bcl-2 and Bcl-W, thereby affecting the level of heterodimerization of these proteins with BAX. Can reverse the death repressor activity of Bcl-X(L), but not that of Bcl-2. Appears to act as a link between growth factor receptor signaling and the apoptotic pathways.
Subcellular Location Mitochondrion outer membrane. Cytoplasm. Colocalizes with HIF3A in the cytoplasm. Upon phosphorylation, locates to the cytoplasm.
Post-Translational Modification Phosphorylated on one or more of Ser-75, Ser-99, Ser-118 and Ser-134 in response to survival stimuli, which blocks its pro-apoptotic activity. Phosphorylation on Ser-99 or Ser-75 promotes heterodimerization with 14-3-3 proteins. This interaction then facilitates the phosphorylation at Ser-118, a site within the BH3 motif, leading to the release of Bcl-X(L) and the promotion of cell survival. Ser-99 is the major site of AKT/PKB phosphorylation, Ser-118 the major site of protein kinase A (CAPK) phosphorylation. Phosphorylation at Ser-99 by PKB/AKT1 is almost completely blocked by the apoptotic C-terminus cleavage product of PKN2 generated by caspases-3 activity during apoptosis. Methylation at Arg-94 and Arg-96 by PRMT1 inhibits Akt-mediated phosphorylation at Ser-99.
Tissue Specificity Expressed in a wide variety of tissues.
Subunit Structure Forms heterodimers with the anti-apoptotic proteins, Bcl-X(L), Bcl-2 and Bcl-W. Also binds protein S100A10. The Ser-75/Ser-99 phosphorylated form binds 14-3-3 proteins. Interacts with AKT1 and PIM3. Interacts (via BH3 domain) with NOL3 (via CARD domain); preventing the association of BAD with BCL2. Interacts with HIF3A (via C-terminus domain); the interaction reduces the binding between BAD and BAX.
Sequence Similarities Belongs to the Bcl-2 family.

Poduct Presentation

Form Liquid
Preservative 0.02% (w/v) sodium azide
Storage buffer PBS with 50% glycerol, pH 7.3

Storage and Shipping Information

Storage Store at -20 or -80 C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.