Anti-APOBEC3F antibody (AA26666)


Alternative names DNA dC->dU-editing enzyme APOBEC-3F, EC 3.5.4.-, Apolipoprotein B mRNA-editing enzyme catalytic polypeptide-like 3F, A3F, APOBEC3F, ABC3F_HUMAN, Q8IUX4, 200316
Source 373
Species Reactivity Human
Applications IHC, WB
Host Rabbit
Class Polyclonal
Conjugated Unconjugated


Product name Anti-APOBEC3F antibody (AA26666)
Catalog number AA26666
Brand family Ango
Product type Primary Antibody
Antibody Alternative Names DNA dC->dU-editing enzyme APOBEC-3F antibody, EC 3.5.4.- antibody, Apolipoprotein B mRNA-editing enzyme catalytic polypeptide-like 3F antibody, A3F antibody, APOBEC3F antibody, ABC3F_HUMAN antibody

Biological Information

Concentration 1 mg/ml
Isotype IgG
Purification method Purified by affinity chromatography


Target Name APOBEC3F
SwissProt ID Link Q8IUX4
Function DNA deaminase (cytidine deaminase) which acts as an inhibitor of retrovirus replication and retrotransposon mobility via deaminase-dependent and -independent mechanisms. Exhibits antiviral activity against vif-deficient HIV-1. After the penetration of retroviral nucleocapsids into target cells of infection and the initiation of reverse transcription, it can induce the conversion of cytosine to uracil in the minus-sense single-strand viral DNA, leading to G-to-A hypermutations in the subsequent plus-strand viral DNA. The resultant detrimental levels of mutations in the proviral genome, along with a deamination-independent mechanism that works prior to the proviral integration, together exert efficient antiretroviral effects in infected target cells. Selectively targets single-stranded DNA and does not deaminate double-stranded DNA or single- or double-stranded RNA. Exhibits antiviral activity also against hepatitis B virus (HBV), equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV), xenotropic MuLV-related virus (XMRV) and simian foamy virus (SFV) and may inhibit the mobility of LTR and non-LTR retrotransposons. May also play a role in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression through the process of active DNA demethylation.
Subcellular Location Cytoplasm. Cytoplasm, P-body.
Tissue Specificity Widely expressed. Highly expressed in ovary.
Subunit Structure Binds HIV-1 Vif. In the absence of Vif protein, specifically packaged into HIV-1 virions. Interacts with APOBEC3G in an RNA-dependent manner. Interacts with AGO1, AGO2 and AGO3.
Sequence Similarities Belongs to the cytidine and deoxycytidylate deaminase family. Contains 2 CMP/dCMP-type deaminase domains.

Poduct Presentation

Form Liquid
Preservative 0.02% (w/v) sodium azide
Storage buffer PBS with 50% glycerol, pH 7.3

Storage and Shipping Information

Storage Store at -20 C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.